Keep your content rich, engaging, and fresh to help SEO and ensure repeat visits

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When it comes to driving unique visitors or encouraging repeat visits to your website, it's important to generate new and unique ideas and content on a daily or weekly basis. For many large companies content is easy to come by - research studies, complex analyses and white papers are generated by entire departments and are a commodity. For smaller companies the task of generating website content can be daunting even for the most creative and prolific the entire post »

Drivers of Finite Promotional Periods

Marketing campaigns are a tool used to promote products and services. Campaigns can use various tactics such as email, social media, ads, webinars, direct mail, etc. Marketing campaigns could also be part of an on-going promotion of a brand, or a finite promotion leading up to some discrete event. This article focuses on a scenario when the campaign is directed at a discrete event – in this case a charity running race.