5 tips to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service on the Web

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Online Customer SupportCompanies that still provide phone support for customers are looking to the Internet to provide a lower cost, more efficient channel to connect customers with the resources they need to solve their problem.  From the customer perspective, though, the Web can be the least satisfying channel through which to seek customer service, especially if those resources are difficult to find and

Keeping Design in Mind: Creating a Curiosity Cascade

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Ten years ago, a marketer designing an email campaign could predict with 95% accuracy what email client was being used to receive one of their messages, and whether they were receiving HTML and images. Today, there are about five primary inbox providers (Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, AOL) handling about 80% of messages[1], with the remainder being viewed on lesser clients and across a multitude of mobile devices. Fewer than 33% of emails are being delivered with images[2] the entire post »

The Holy Grail of Online Marketing: The Email List.

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Ask anyone who’s been marketing a product or service via email for a while and they’ll tell you that their email database is their most valuable asset. The people on your list are your fans, friends, brand ambassadors, former and future customers. For a business starting out and eager to get their message to as many possible customers as possible, it’s tempting to buy or rent a list that you found online or through a service. There are however a number of compelling reasons why this may not be the best the entire post »

Improving conversion rates for your online channel

The other day as part of establishing Ayantek, I had to do a fair bit of research on the steps needed to officially create a firm. Given that this was my first independent venture, one of my initial steps was to research and become informed on the topic. Starting my search at Google, I read about the benefits of an LLC vs. incorporating the firm, the costs/benefits of establishing the firm in Delaware as opposed to Massachusetts, and also looked at the web site of several firms that would manage the entire company formation process for the entire post »