Structuring your Website for Lead Generation

Many of our clients, and those in the medical devices industry, are looking to transform their digital presence from one of providing product information and customer service material to one that drives a digital marketing program. A digital marketing presence that drives sales and marketing efforts needs to generate leads and help nurture those leads… Read more

Using Rabbit MQ to Tie Disparate Systems Together

Several enterprise level companies have disparate back-end systems. There might be an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that talks to an e-commerce system that talks to a Learning Management System (LMS). Often times these systems are proprietary systems run on different software stacks. One vendor solution might be a .Net solution, while another is Java.… Read more

4 Reasons Why is a Perfect CMS Solution

Ayantek worked with The Rao Institute (TRI), an organization founded by best selling author Dr. Srikumar Rao, to build a new website promoting programs to help individuals discover their unique purpose for existence.  The programs deal explicitly with issues such as developing personal values, ethics, integrity and achieving mastery. The TRI website was in need… Read more