3 Great Prototyping Softwares That Make Wireframing a Thing of the Past

Everyone knows that the wireframe is one of the most potent arrows in the user experience designer’s quiver. What better way to help the client visualize how a website or mobile app will lay out on the screen, and how users will access the great information, products and services housed within your application. Even with traditional wireframes, however, getting from the flat, static image to the online interactive product may still be al leap in visualization that’s hard for the client to make.

Enter rapid prototyping – a set of tools that allows the designer to show a client how their app or website might lay out on the screens of the target devices themselves, including some built in interactions that will help sell the design through. In this episode of Video Voices, Ayantek’s consultants talk about the process of rapid prototyping and cover three RP tools that are their favorites for presenting to clients.


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