Tyler Borosavage

Marketing Associate

5 Awesome Social Campaigns that Illustrate Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) Synergy

Marketing Associate

Happy Friday, everyone! This week we have scoured the internet in search truly innovative social media campaigns that exemplify the impact of the SMAC stack in delivering enhanced results. Don’t know what the SMAC Stack is? Well lucky you, we are going to tell you. At Ayantek we refer to the SMAC Stack as the combination of social, mobile, analytic, and cloud technologies. Our belief is that organizations who conceptualize these four technologies together as a “stack” will have access to exponential growth opportunities not unlike those seen by early adopters in the PC and internet revolutions.

The campaigns we discuss today primarily used social media as a vehicle to increase brand equity. However, as you will surely see, they could not have been nearly as successful had they not incorporated mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies. Indeed, the four are so inextricable at this point that you would be hard pressed to come up with a campaign that was purely social. Our point is that, by aligning your thinking to the SMAC stack paradigm, you will be in a better position to maximize the benefits it can provide.

Scotsman Ice

Scotsman Ice Systems has an ice-making product that creates ice chunks, which it distributes to convenience stores and restaurants. Thanks to analysis of social media channels, Scotsman was able to identify that there were thousands of people who admitted to an extreme fanaticism for chewing on the uniquely-shaped ice nuggets. With the help of their ad agency, Scotsman created the “Love the Nug” campaign which encouraged users to socially share their chewable ice experiences, with the most passionate winning a Scotsman Ice Machine of their very own. Members of the Scotsman sales staff used analytics and insights derived from the campaign to help target sales opportunities across the US. Check out the video for an excellent example of how using the SMAC stack creates opportunities for increased brand awareness and revenue.

Cadbury’s “Thanks a Million” campaign

Cadbury is a name that is beloved by chocolate connoisseurs around the world. After analyzing the results of their many social media campaigns using their analytics platform, the company identified a huge problem – they had many social media fans but only 16% of them ever saw the content they posted on Facebook. Their challenge was to increase engagement among their fans, as well as to reach friends of fans and the wider Facebook community.

Cadbury set a goal of achieving their 1 millionth “like” on Facebook, and decided that building a 3-ton thumbs-up sculpture out of pieces of Dairy Milk was the way to do it. To promote the event and encourage viewing of the live stream of their delicious project, they released teaser ads showing the progress they were making and encouraging fans to contribute their own content to the effort and send messages to the builders. They even offered one “super-fan” the honor of placing the last chunk on the 6+ foot tall sculpture. The campaign netted Cadbury 40,000 Facebook fans and had around 350,000 active participants involved.  

Nokia’s “Agora” Social Visualizer 

Agora (from the Greek word meaning a gathering place) is a social visualizer and conversation piece that brings the importance of social media in today’s culture to life in a new way at Nokia’s corporate headquarters. This platform is a 6-screen representation of the current state of social conversation regarding Nokia and its global competitors. Each screen allows the folks at Nokia to see their brand’s social posts, brand mentions, a global content calendar, and consumer generated content. Agora uses sophisticated analytics to displays key information about the social and mobile channels in real time. Agora serves as a focal point for employees from all across the company to come together to discuss, engage and understand the impact that social media is having on Nokia's brand and products.  Agora is a perfect example of how the social and analytics components of the SMAC stack combine to impact conversations at the corporate level and allow new ideas to come to life.

Water is Life’s "Hashtag Killer" campaign

The charity organization “Water is Life” set out to raise awareness of global issues by launching a social media campaign that took aim at the popular yet culturally insensitive internet meme #firstworldproblems. The campaign began by creating an anthem commercial that features people living in Haiti as they recite some of the frivolous tweets that included the #firstworldproblems hashtag. The campaign also featured several videos of Haitians consoling people about their  #firstworldproblems.

The innovative campaign was shared by celebrities and major news outlets and went viral because of its compelling message and ability to be shared over multiple channels and on multiple devices. The campaign was made possible because of the organization’s ability to analyze popular hashtags and then coopt them  to help achieve their own, higher mission. As a result of the popular videos and because of the synergy between social, mobile and analytics, Water of Life was able to raise global awareness and re-associate #firstworldproblems not with silly complaints, but with positive messages for global sensitivity and also with links promoting fundraising for NGOs around the world.


It’s hard to stand out and get any buzz at Austin’s SXSW conference, so tech companies and agencies are often looking for new and creative ways they can rise above the noise. In an effort to generate buzz and awareness about  its mobile capabilities in advance of the popular music, film and interactive conference, the Tenfour creative agency partnered with Waggener Edstrom to create an application that would be a fit the target audience in Austin for SXSW: “Tweet-a-Beer” was the winning concept. The unique app allowed people with PayPal accounts to send beers to each other via Twitter.

Tweet-a-Beer was immediately successful in the social media world and become a number one trending story on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Mashable, and Traffic to the Tenfour websites doubled. If this campaign used Twitter, PayPal and a mobile app separately it would have been a disaster. The combination of social, mobile and the cloud payment platform allowed for Tweet-a-Beer to be an easily adopted and well received campaign by the attendees of the SXSW conference.

Do you have any favorite examples of great campaigns where the SMAC stack was instrumental in delivering value?