Ayantek Launches Newly Redesigned Website

BEDFORD, MA, USA - July 12, 2010 - Ayantek, one of Greater Boston's fastest growing interactive agencies, announced the launch of their newly redesigned web site at www.ayantek.com. Praveen Ramanathan, Ayantek's President & CEO, said "We are extremely excited about the redesigned site. The new site provides an opportunity to showcase our capabilities, our work, a little bit of our culture and our innovation. We hope that the site audience finds our site to be crisp, informative, user-friendly and intuitive."

The new site was designed by Ayantek's Experience Design team located in Bedford, MA, in collaboration with the off-shore development team in Hyderabad, India. The site, which was built on the Drupal open-source Content Management System, was developed using standards-based W3C compliant protocols. "We were able to get the new site built in an extremely rapid manner using our joint on-shore/off-shore teams. Further, the investments in infrastructure will allow us to easily manage our site content, ensure a standard look and feel, as well form a foundation for all of our future marketing initiatives," said Ramanathan.

Praveen Ramanathan Speaks at Suffolk University on the Topic of Globalization

BOSTON, MA, USA - April 16, 2010 - Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School, recently hosted a breakfast talk and student interaction session on the topic of Globalization. As the key speaker at the event, Ramanathan, President of Ayantek, talked about his early experiences in India and the factors that influenced him to come to the United States of America, get an education, start his career and begin his own successful business venture in New England. Speaking at the event, Ramanathan said "This is a wonderful forum to influence young minds and help them understand the global nature of today's world. The influence of technology and the economic forces at the macro-level are influencing business decisions at the micro-level. It is important to ensure that our students have a good level of awareness and are ready-to-compete on the global stage when they graduate."

Students were engaged in the talk and found the session to be very informative. Caroline Chambers, a student currently enrolled in Sawyer Business School undergraduate program, said "Praveen's talk opened my eyes to the opportunities as well as the challenges that globalization can bring. It was really great to hear his perspective on how we can better prepare ourselves to join the global workforce in the coming years."

Ayantek Expands Current Office Space in Bedford

BEDFORD, MA, USA - October 1, 2010 - One of Greater Boston’s fastest growing interactive agencies, Ayantek, LLC have signed a new lease renewal that doubles its current office space at the Bedford Executive Office Park. The office space is located in Bedford Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston) and is easily accessible through a number of highways including Route 128/95, Route 3, Route 2 and Route 93.

“Bedford Executive Office Park’s core location & accessibility along with a full array of amenities made it our first choice for expansion” said Praveen Ramanathan, President and Chief Executive Officer at Ayantek.

Ayantek is one of Greater Boston’s premier interactive agencies bringing creativity, new ideas and energy to the field of digital marketing. Founded in 2008, Ayantek builds and manages web, mobile, search and social media programs for several New England based Fortune 1000 companies in the High-Tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Finance sectors.

Ayantek Partners With Brightcove To Deliver Enterprise-Class Video Services

BEDFORD, MA, USA - March 7, 2011 - Ayantek LLC, one of Boston’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies (www.ayantek.com), announced today that it has partnered with Brightcove, the leading online video platform for publishing and distributing professional video.

“Partnering with Brightcove gives us the opportunity to help our clients reap the strategic rewards of delivering targeted video across the web and mobile channels,” said Praveen Ramanathan, President & CEO of Ayantek. “We are excited about the Brightcove platform which provides an enterprise class, high-availability, and highly scalable system to support our customer’s rich media strategies.”

By partnering with Brightcove, Ayantek will be able to shorten the cycle on delivery and customized visual integration of its clients’ projects, and offer high quality video distribution across a range of devices including PC, mobile, tablets and more.

“As one of the world’s leading providers of video-on-demand services, we are committed to finding new ways to help businesses engage their customers through streamed video experiences,” Says Alex Nasson, Vice President, Alliances, Channels & Partner Programs at Brightcove. “By partnering with innovative digital marketing companies like Ayantek, we hope to ensure that the video channel is integrated into every element of our customers’ digital marketing mix.”

Ayantek is one of Greater Boston’s premier interactive agencies bringing creativity, new ideas and energy to the field of digital marketing. Founded in 2008, Ayantek builds and manages web, mobile, search and social media programs for several New England based Fortune 1000 companies in the High-Tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Finance sectors.

Praveen Ramanathan, a Panel Speaker at Tie-Boston Marketing SIG Launch Event

WALTHAM, MA, USA - February 19, 2009 - TiE-Boston, the largest not-for-profit organization promoting entrepreneurship, launched the Boston chapter of their Marketing Special Interest Group with a engaging and illuminative panel discussion on the topic of “Marketing in a Down Economy: How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Spend”. The panel was moderated by Douglas Banks, Editor of Mass High Tech. Panel speakers included Altaf Shaikh, Founder & CEO, List Engage, Inc., Ameeta Soni, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, VFA Inc., Bob Collins, VP of New Media Strategy, SHIFT Communications, and Ayantek’s President and CEO, Praveen Ramanathan.

The panel discussion focused on the marketing challenges in the current economy and the corresponding opportunities for marketers to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing dollars. Key questions addressed by the panel included:

  • How to decide what to cut in your marketing campaigns, given the reduced budget?
  • What are some new strategies to increase market share in the down economy?
  • How do you identify and figure out which channels are going to help maximize ROI?
  • How can one be most efficient utilizing the different media channels – offline and online?
  • How do you get decision makers in your organization to embrace new technology?

The panelists highlighted the importance of a broad marketing strategy that involved elements of both digital as well as offline media channels. The discussion focused on the value that new media channels such as Twitter and Facebook offered and the significance of nurturing current customer relationships to maximize the effectiveness of these channels. Speaking at the event, Ramanathan talked about the maturity of social media and how it was a media channel in its own right. He said “Look beyond personal networking on social channels, and think about company networking. Invest the time to build branded pages across platforms and increase the number of linked pages coming into your site. Use new media as a platform to humanize your product and services, so consumers can connect with you.” Read more of the key takeaways and a summary transcript of the panel discussion.

Ayantek and Blue Wave enter into joint partnership to deliver combined Interactive, Video, Mobile, Game and Event Management Solutions

BEDFORD, MA, USA - April 9, 2011 - Ayantek announced today that it will enter into partnership with Blue Wave Marketing and Promotions, a Boston-based firm specializing in video production, promotional programs and high-end corporate events.

“Our partnership with Blue Wave broadens Ayantek’s range of solution offerings and from a digital marketing perspective, allows us to be more holistic and integrated in helping our customers achieve their business goals” said Praveen Ramanathan, President & CEO of Ayantek.

Working jointly, Ayantek and Blue Wave have developed an efficient and integrated technology process to incorporate video, flash and other rich media assets into their customer’s digital marketing programs. An example of this was the full-scale strategy/production of a lead generation and awareness campaign for a large global firm. The campaign involved the use of an immersive and interactive video and gaming technology to deliver relevant product information to a targeted audience.

“Blue Wave is committed to delivering creative solutions and going to extreme measures to support our clients’ brands, and exceeding their marketing goals,” Says John Moran, Founder of Blue Wave Marketing and Promotions, which reached its 20th anniversary this year. “Ayantek shares our philosophy, and provides the digital expertise to help us integrate our clients’ marketing programs across all channels.”

Ayantek Joins Sitecore’s Partner Program to Deliver World Class Digital Solutions and Compelling User Experiences to Enterprise Customers

BEDFORD, MA, USA - August 16, 2011 - Ayantek announced today that it has joined Sitecore's partner program. Sitecore isa leading provider of Web Content Management and Online Marketing platforms. This partnership brings together two dynamic and fast-growing firms to provide customers with compelling, high-quality, customized web and digital solutions including mobile, marketing automation, cloud computing, web engagement marketing and sales intelligence.

“Sitecore’s broad product suite offers fantastic advantages for our enterprise clients to track, learn, and engage in deep one-on-one online conversations with their customers, across any channel, any device, at any time.” said Praveen Ramanathan, President and CEO of Ayantek. “Combining our knowledge and expertise around the digital medium with the recognized world leader in Web Content Management, offers us the ability to architect advanced, next-generation solutions on an enterprise scale.”

Through the partnership, Ayantek will have direct access to Sitecore’s product and solution experts, allowing our consultants to deliver, high demand, high traffic solutions with complex configurations. Ayantek will also benefit from exclusive access to partner training, preview to next generation products, extensive sales and marketing support, sales positioning, and co-marketing materials.

“Ayantek’sexpertise, strategic thought-leadership, and commitment to delivering exceptional quality to their customers will be a great addition to the Sitecore partner ecosystem,” said Jason Crea, VP Client and Partner Engagement, Sitecore. "We welcome them to the Sitecore partner network and look forward to working closely with the Ayantek team to uncover the full potential of the digital channel through various mediums - web, search, email, social and mobile.”

About Sitecore

Sitecore redefines how organizations engage with their customers online, powering experiences that can sense and adapt to a customer’s needs to increase revenue and customer lifetime value and satisfaction. Sitecore was the first Web Content Management system (WCM) to incorporate marketing automation, intranet portal, e-commerce, Web optimization, social media and campaign management technologies into a cohesive, integrated open platform. Sitecore’s software makes it easy for businesses to identify, serve, engage and convert new customers online. Sitecore’s broad choice of capabilities enable marketing professionals, business stakeholders and information technology teams to rapidly implement, measure and manage a successful website and online business strategy. Its powerful development platform, integrated marketing automation tools and intuitive editing workspace enables successful websites of all types. Thousands of public and private organizations have created and now manage more than 30,000 dynamic websites with Sitecore including ATP World Tour, CA Technologies, ISS, Lloyd’s of London, Heineken, Microsoft, Omni Hotels, Siemens, The Knot, Thomas Cook and Visa Europe.

About Ayantek

Ayantek is a full-service digital marketing firm, offering innovative web, mobile, search, and social media solutions to some of New England's largest companies. Our global consultants - based out of our offices in Greater Boston and India - are industry experts with decades of experience conceiving, designing, building and managing interactive programs that drive measurable improvements and deliver competitive advantages for our clients. We help our customers achieve market leadership through a combination of strategic thought leadership, exceptional user experiences and industry-leading proprietary & open-source technologies.

Ayantek’s First Fenway Seminar: Best Practices to Automate and Optimize your Digital Channel

BEDFORD, MA, USA - May 31, 2011 - Focusing on revenue generation and ROI will continue to grow in priority for marketers as digital channels evolve and become more measurable. This fact emerged as one of the most significant trends in marketing during a panel discussion and seminar sponsored by Ayantek at the end of May.

According to Praveen Ramanathan, President & CEO at Ayantek, “With today's technology, it is entirely possible to analyze, metricize, and visualize individual online behavior through standardized marketing dashboards. Organizations that advantage of this data to learn more about their customers, can make more informed marketing decisions & investments to maximize ROI.”

The seminar, which took place at Fenway Park in a suite overlooking first base, was an opportunity for marketing executives from a number of local B2B companies to meet and share ideas and insights. Panelists for the formal part of the event included Ayantek’s Praveen Ramanathan, Ralph Folz from Wordstream, and John Moran from Blue Wave Marketing.

In addition to the lively discussion between the panelists on both the current state of digital marketing and future trends, there was much discourse on the importance of content. “Of course with all of the excitement around digital channels, it’s very tempting for marketers to get caught up in delivery systems and technology,” said Moran of Blue Wave during the event. “But people will always be people, and ultimately it’s going to be the personal relationship you form with your prospects which will seal the deal. That’s why video is such a great way to communicate – people remember more and feel more related to when they’ve watched a video. Creating meaningful and relevant content that can grab mind-share is the real challenge,” he added. To support his claims about the effectiveness of video, Moran cited reports showing that sites containing video were 53 times more likely to show up in a front page Google result, had page views averaging 1:40 (compared to 12 seconds with text only), and generated four to seven times more response than did static text and graphics.

Highlighting the continued relevance of search in the marketing conversation, Ralph Folz from Wordstream was quick to point out that search marketing is one of the most measurable forms of digital marketing. “Paid search will continue to grow rapidly, especially since the ability to micro-target your online ads is greater than it’s ever been,” said Folz. He also gave an example of “search retargeting,” where cookies placed as a result of completed searches triggered targeted banner ads on certain sites. “Sure you don’t generally click on a banner ad – but wait until your looking for a specific product in a certain price point and you’re ready to buy and then you’re presented with an offer. This is very powerful technology that is available to marketers, and we’re just at the beginning of what’s possible with search.”

In closing the event, Ramanathan said “Marketers have to recognize the considerable innovations in marketing technologies that have come about in the recent years. Social Media, Search, Video, Mobile channels provide better targeting and functionality to today's marketers than ever before. By partnering with Ayantek, organizations can really take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in simplifying the complexity associated with these various channels, plan out a clear digital strategy and ultimately help them achieve their marketing goals.”