We are a team of Thinkers and Do’ers

We conceive, design, build and manage digital programs providing measurable improvements and delivering significant competitive advantages to our customer’s businesses through the digital channel. We focus on developing value-added solutions through a combination of strategic thought leadership, exceptional user experiences and industry-leading technologies.

Core Values

  • integrity


    We have the same ethical imperatives as the individuals who make up our company: we must treat everyone fairly and honestly, look out for each other, and deliver what we promise.
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    Experience Design

    Do you remember the last time a website really blew you away? Our mission is to have each of your users to feel like they had a great digital experience. Our team brings a vast unique and creative background to provide a tailored experience for each of your users.
  • flexibility


    We know from experience that no successful path is ever a straight line. We encourage our teams to be keenly observant of change, and to willingly shift course when circumstance and opportunity warrant.
  • excellence


    To us, good is never enough. We push ourselves to create solutions that will set new standards, work flawlessly, and help you outperform your competition. Exceeding your expectations is our reward.
  • teamwork


    We aspire to work together as a cohesive unit alongside all contributors,
    towards a shared goal that benefits all.

    We communicate with kindness and empathy,
    helping each other in any way we can.

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    We are planners by nature. That is why we start every project with a well mapped out strategy that encompasses our client’s goals. Our team collaborates with each client to gain insight that is essential for crafting an outstanding digital experience.
  • customer service

    Customer Service

    The way we deliver our product is as important as the product itself. It’s not enough to work hard for you, we need to work well with you. That means we offer personal service that is characterized by respect, honesty, and humility.
  • innovation


    We drive meaningful change that is different and better,
    through creative and artistic solutions.

    We offer a consultative process,
    managing risk thoughtfully to create strategic value for all.

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    Our team has a strong passion about the digital world. We are constantly searching for the best technologies that will have a positive impact on the digital experience. As a technology agnostic firm we strive to tailor the best solution for you.
  • social responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    As a company that values integrity, we choose to give back to causes that both we and our clients support. Involvement in these causes reminds us that all of work serves a larger purpose—the enrichment of lives. By helping others, by helping the environment, we enrich our own lives.

What does our name mean?

The word Ayan is rich in meaning across the global landscape:
  • In Sanskrit, it means Speed
  • In Urdu, it means Clarity
  • In Hebrew, it means Peace
  • In Biblical terms, it heralds Arrival
Tek stands for technology.

Ayantek History