After You Invest In Mobile Offerings, Invest In Your Mobile Marketing

Mobile should be part of your marketing conversations  (See our blog from earlier this year), but don't just build a mobile website or an app and expect a windfall of users leading to great success. You need a marketing plan so your target audience knows you have a new mobile solution that makes their life easier, and that they can take advantage of it immediately.
Many businesses are rushing to do the "right" thing by investing in mobile, but they may not be properly identifying what kind of content their audience is looking for,  offering a questionable user experience, and they may not be marketing the right elements of what they have to offer, if indeed they are marketing it at all.
According to Antenna, an independent mobile application platform vendor, brands report varying success with their mobile strategies to date, with 33 percent saying that they have had adoption by half to three-quarters of their customers, 29 percent
by one-quarter of customers, 22 percent by less than a quarter and only 16 percent report widespread adoption. 
Businesses tend to struggle with low adoption rates which could lead to internal skeptics calling a mobile initiative a failure.
Don't get me wrong, acquiring mobile users for your business is not an easy thing to do, but if you hustle in the right spaces
online and offer value, you'll be just fine.
So what are business actually investing in (U.S. and U.K)?
  • 45% mobile Web site projects
  • 43% native mobile apps
  • 32% Web apps 
  • 14% mobile storefronts and content delivery services 

Here are some things to consider when marketing a mobile solution:

Become Available in Search Results
Research mobile SEO a bit, and go back to the basics. Mobile Web user requirements are different, search engine behaviors are different, Web user activity is different, and your mobile site for SEO is different
Use Social
Engage your target audience on the social platforms they use
Solicit Feedback
Utilize your social media channels and ask the audience for desired features and a wish list
Try Mobile Advertising
Dabble and test targeted mobile advertising with companies like Jumptap
Leverage Optimization Networks with Bidding Models
Grow your loyal user base by leveraging mobile ecosystem optimization services like Fiksu
Encourage Word-of-Mouth
Allow users to share and recommend your mobile website link, or a branded Tweet or Facebook message
In the report, “Mobile Business Forecast for Marketers 2012,” Antenna reports that U.S. small and medium size businesses plan to invest, on average, $852,000 in mobile over the next 12-18 months compared with an investment of $405,000 to date. For U.S. enterprises, the future investment jumps up to $1.4.
Will you be in the mobile mix? If you need help or have some questions, grab your device and  give us a call (if you still use your "phone" for that)!