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How IoT will transform Med Tech

Medical Device firms have tremendous opportunities to harness the power of IoT especially given the typical product mix of capital equipment, consumables, software, and services. Capital equipment devices usually are installed and operated within the context of a hospital or clinical environment. Device manufacturers that mechanize and develop smart, connected device infrastructure could bring about… Read more

The Internet of Things (IoT) – The Hype is Real

Back in 2012, the term Internet of Things (IoT) was synonymous with Google Glass and wasn’t making a significant impact for organizations to explore a strategy. Fast forward to present day, there is incredible positivity around IoT and the impacts it will have on multiple business units. Several organizations have projected global revenue and the… Read more

3 SMAC Stack Predictions for the New Year

From a technology perspective, 2013 was an exciting year to be a marketer. We witnessed an explosion in mobile tools, an increased use of targeted social media, powerful analytics tools to draw insights and measure ROI, and Cloud technologies delivering on-demand rich interactive applications. 2014 looks like it will be another great year for growth… Read more