Barry Clifford

The Best Multichannel Digital Campaigns of 2011 – Get Inspired to Create!

Digital marketing campaigns that capture the imagination of your audience can do more than just cause a bump in your followers and likes. Because of the multichannel nature of the medium, the right combination of cool, fun, interactive, edgy, promotional etc. can set off a firestorm of attention as awareness of your video or promotion goes “viral-“ perhaps even grabbing headlines in traditional media.

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If you’re feeling like you need to get some new ideas about how to leverage the new digital channels to promote your business or product, check out this slideshare: Best Digital Campaigns 2011 by Gregory Pouy. In it you’ll see how some of the world’s best known brands are putting their creativity to the test and developing campaigns that will really blow your mind. Some of the key takeaways from the presentation are (commentary added by me)

  • Multichannel is not equal to multiple channels: Simply reproducing your message on multiple digital channels won’t drive the same kind of fascination as actually making the entire experience dependant on integrating information communicated through multiple channels into a single shared experience.
  • Let people use free time to be useful: Finding a way to improve your customers’ quality of life by letting them use their idle time more effectively will definitely cause people to use your service more frequently and also share it with their friends.
  • Gamify where possible: Integrating your product launch or special event with some kind of social game can achieve spectacular results.
  • Think Outside the Box: Ideas that come from outside the normal realm of thinking can definitely spark interest and drive viral success. Your video can be very low-budget and still creative enough to capture the imaginations of a large audience.
  • Surf Viral Success: On the other hand, you can also succeed by spending time and money making a high-quality video/promotion that is produced for the sole intention of grabbing a viral audience.
  • Simple ideas can be the best Ideas: Don’t overcomplicate things just for the purpose of using all the technology available.  Don’t worry if you’re recycling an idea or technique that’s been done before. And, sometimes a single channel can be used to deliver the results you need.
  • Innovate: New ideas and ways of doing things are always going to grab the attention of not just your target audience, but those of industry-watchers, the media, your competition. Keep pushing the envelope.