Category: User Experience

3 Keys to Unlocking a Personalized Classroom Experience

Recently, our team was recognized by the Horizon Interactive Awards with a Silver Award for our work with The Princeton Review. We helped The Princeton Review improve their student’s learning experience through the creation of customized dashboards thanks to the help of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) technologies. These customized dashboards allow students to… Read more

Aligning Brand Across Medical Devices Software and Digital Assets

One challenge we have experienced in working with medical devices manufacturers is maintaining brand alignment across all software and digital assets. The primary cause is that the purpose of software running on medical devices is completely different than the purpose of web properties. The primary purposes of medical device software interfaces are task and usability… Read more

How to Create Interactive Forms in InDesign

In a previous blog, I discussed creating interactive prototypes in InDesign, a program originally created for print publication.  I explored print layout tools that translate seamlessly to web projects as well as interactive features such as adding URLs, creating buttons with multiple states, and animating simple flyouts. In this blog I will explore how to… Read more