Strategy & Analytics

SMAC Assessment
The SMAC Assessment leverages our proprietary framework to provide a company’s position relative to a digital maturity model. The SMAC Assessment provides a rating for each element of the SMAC architecture plus an integrated rating. Based on the rating and overall score, recommendations are provided that can help you determine where to place marketing investments taking into account company goals. Close
Our analytics offering provides a complete set of capabilities for companies looking, for example, to understand their customer base at detailed level and to provide a more tailored set of experiences to customer segments. Such capabilities include:
  • Establishing an analytics program that includes an architecture and recommended set of tools
  • Establishing an analytics infrastructure and a reporting strategy,
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign execution
Content Marketing Strategy
We provide a full-service outsourced CMO function that includes campaign strategy to drive your customer acquisition and retention. We develop a strategic marketing plan built to generate leads including a content plan, a framework for repeatable campaign process, campaign execution, reporting on campaign effectiveness, and recommendations and insights for fine tuning the program. Close
IT Strategy
We provide companies a plan and a roadmap for establishing a digital infrastructure needed to support a robust marketing and ecommerce program. Based on your company goals, we will assess the current infrastructure to identify gaps and opportunities. A multi-tiered architecture will be designed from the database to the presentation layer that integrates with backend systems to provide information to the right people at the right time. Close
Mobile Strategy
We craft multi-channel B2B marketing strategies for our clients. Not only do we establish a mobility program, but also ensure that it integrates with your eBusiness strategies and marketing programs. In addition to identifying where mobile plays within the marketing strategy, our mobile programs include the following elements:
  • Determining the proper organization
  • Establishing the technology platform
  • Establishing governance by which mobile efforts are guided and the appropriate staffing
  • Identifying operations by which mobile initiatives are constructed and updates are rolled out to your constituents
  • Designing mobile applications and sites that provide a compelling user experience

Experience Design

User Research
We use the following methods to understand a user’s needs, preferences, and motivations in order to generate valuable feedback that will assist us in website design(s) or application development:
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Expert Review
  • Card Sorting
  • Usability Tests
  • Interview, Survey
  • Personas
  • Prototypes
The choice of research method depends on the type of site, business goals, project stage, timeframe, and budget. Any given User Research Method can be used in one or several project phases. Close
Information Architecture
Information Architecture focuses on content structure and labeling, so that users understand where they are on the site and can easily find their way to information they need.
Information Architecture systems - content organization, labeling , navigation, search - all together define content strategy and lead wireframing and prototyping processes. Understanding nature of users, content, and context is essential in order to create these systems successfully. Wireframes and content strategy inform interface and interaction design. Close
Our creative team is composed of visual designers, specializing in web and interaction design with creative capabilities ranging from combining strict corporate guidelines with web usability best practices to the development of a company's online brand through logo development and style guide creation. Our User Experience and Creative teams work closely together so every creative decision is based on user research or best practices. Close
Once the site's information architecture is finalized, a black and white wireframe or blueprint is created for every page. These wireframes show all page content as well as defines its priority. Then interactivity is added to demonstrate major interactions and to define how pages connect with one another. These clickable blueprints are used for client review as well as in user testing to confirm the pages content, priorities and interactions. We engage in a thorough revision process with our clientsto ensure the highest quality user experience possible. Close
Usability Testing
Usability Testing is one of the User Research methods that we use to identify areas where people struggle with a product and make recommendations for improvement. In our usability testing process , real users are asked to complete tasks using the product or site while facilitator observes and takes notes about user's experience. Collected data is analyzed and used to make usability recommendations for the product. Solely or in combination with other methods such as
  • System Usability Scale (SUS)
  • Task Analysis
  • Survey
Usability Testing is used iteratively during a project to achieve different goals:
  • Identify gaps
  • Test new design
  • Track change progress
Observing users in completing tasks helps our designers and developers better understand real users and create designs that support needs and goals of our clients. Close


Technology Roadmap
Our architects visualize, plan and execute your technology strategy. We serve to align your most demanding business goals with appropriate software solutions. Close
Software Design
Seasoned engineers solve the challenges inherent in complex systems. Our strong process, technical skills, and deep experience produce a stable design foundation for your software. Close
Web Development
Having delivered across numerous verticals using the full range of available web technologies, our developers are flexible and current. We bring extensive knowledge of the entire web space: from responsive design to analytics and search optimization. Close
Mobile Development
Our team delivers complete digital solutions that play well on mobile devices. Our usability experts will guarantee that your customers find a rich and effective experience on their phones and tablets. Close
Systems Integration
Ensuring that all moving parts of your tech ecosystem are orchestrated is our goal. We bring years of experience in distributed computing to the table; rely on us to build, improve, or expand your software application stack. Close