Seamless integration is the new innovation

There’s a new wave of technology and computing that we believe offers revolutionary opportunities for organizations to drive customer engagement, innovation and business productivity. This new wave is what we’re calling the SMAC Stack and it encompasses the combined use of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies. Our belief is that organizations who conceptualize these four technologies together as a "stack" will have access to exponential growth opportunities not unlike those seen by early adopters in the PC and internet revolutions.

Stacking the Odds in your Favor

We have developed a proprietary set of tools called the SMAC Assessment Toolkit, to analyze companies’ business strategy as related to social, mobile, analytics (BI/BA), and cloud. Then we develop digital strategy roadmaps and rationalize mission critical projects through the use of our SMAC toolkit.

In this competitive business climate it is always important to know your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. With all the digital channels out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of it all. We have developed an easy to interpret SMAC assessment that illustrates how well companies are leverage each digital channel vs. a digital maturity model. The ‘SMAC Assessment’ helps companies identify the direction and steps to evolve their digital posture and point out areas where marketing investments can be more effective relative to marketing goals.


every 60 seconds

With those stats it’s hard to argue that social media has become a main staple for companies’ to reach their audience. We understand this need to not only to engage with users but to better understand where your marketing dollars are being spent. The understand need for a cohesive social is imperative for every company to be successful.



91% of adults have their phones
within arm's reach 24/7*

Ten years ago all your mobile phone was good for was phone calls and the occasional game of solitaire. Now your mobile device is an all-purpose utility that is a main part of the day-to-day grind. It’s no question that having a mobile presence will extend your business’ reach. Not only do we recognize the importance for a mobile strategy, we believe it will be an important part of your digital strategy in the future. With so many options for mobile applications and websites out there we will work with you to determine which the best is for you.



The digital universe will grow from 3.2 zettabytes today to 40 zettabytes in only six years*

Have you been leveraging analytics? You should be. Marketing analytics tools pay back $10.66 for every dollar invested. That will do wonders for your bottom line. We can help you be more effective in customer acquisition by delivering data-driven insights to better target campaigns across all of your media channels. By identifying the most relevant data points and presenting them in easy to read reports and dashboards, you will better understand your customer’s buying behaviors and enable you to adjust your efforts to increase program effectiveness and drive ROI in real time.



Cloud brought in improvement in at least one area of development in 90% of the companies which chose it.

The cloud is the glue that brings the rest of the pieces of the SMAC Stack together. We love the flexibility, scalability and cost-saving benefits that it brings to organizations. Not only will it help to reshape your organization’s infrastructure it will make you more efficient. The cloud is the vehicle that drives all the great benefits of the Social, Mobile, and Analytics elements of the ‘Stack’. We will work with you to choose the best option to fit your IT infrastructure needs.