How to decide between Mobile App and Mobile Site Development [Video]

Developing a mobile strategy for your business or enterprise is no longer a nice-to have or luxury item. If you’re serious about staying competitive, having a significant presence in the mobile space is mandatory. According to the etailing group, 85 percent of merchants say mobile commerce is a focus in 2012[1], and other studies show that brands that have a mobile app are more favorably viewed by customers than those that do not[2]. That being said it’s important that businesses don’t simply pull the trigger on potentially expensive mobile site development without first exploring the strategic opportunities and how your mobile strategy will gain you an advantage over your competitors.

Assuming mobile development is a direction that you decide fits in with your business strategy, one of the more pressing questions you’ll need to address is whether to develop OS/Device-specific native apps, or whether to invest in mobile-optimized web site development.

In our first episode of “Video Voices,” Ayantek’s video blog, our consultants outline some of the advantages and drawbacks of each kind of development, and make specific recommendations for issues to consider when investing in mobile development.



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