Brett Borgeson

Assistant Vice President, Practice Development

How the SMAC Stack is Driving Innovation and Productivity

Assistant Vice President, Practice Development

There’s a new wave of technology and computing that we at Ayantek believe offers revolutionary opportunities for organizations to drive customer engagement, innovation and business productivity. This new wave is what we’re calling the SMAC Stack and it encompasses the combined use of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies. Our belief is that organizations who conceptualize these four technologies together as a “stack” will have access to exponential growth opportunities not unlike those seen by early adopters in the PC and internet revolutions. Below is a video explaining what SMAC is and it's power to increase cusotmer engagement.


Leveraging the SMAC Stack to Build Customer Engagement for LPL Financial

The challenge:

LPL’s Financial Advisors use a core online account management tool called BranchNet, which combines account opening and maintenance programs with comprehensive search tools and management software. With a large and growing percentage of financial advisors utilizing mobile devices including smart-phones and tablets to manage their day-to-day customer interactions, LPL determined that a light-weight version of BranchNet with integration to LPL Research news feeds, social media, and other custom features would provide great value. Furthermore, the LPL Masters 2013 Conference – which was a major bi-annual event attended by the company’s top financial advisors – would provide a fantastic opportunity to build excitement and to collect end-user feedback.

The SMAC Stack Solution:

Ayantek and LPL Financial collaboratively established an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for a financial advisor app targeted for both Apple and Android platforms.  The LPL Finance Demo App was built to interface seamlessly with several online content sources in order to provide a snapshot of current market conditions and quick reference of LPL’s latest financial advice. These sources included: Thompson Reuters for market financial information, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LPL Research’s RSS feeds. For the social networks and financial information, APIs needed to be accessed so that the app could engage more deeply with social content.

A summary of Ayantek’s SMAC Stack solution is below.


The Outcome

Versions of the app for both Apple and Android were delivered for the Masters Conference. When asked for feedback about the App, Advisors simply asked “How soon can we get it?” The initial release of the App had clearly generated excitement and engagement with the advisors. A full rollout of the Mobile App to the advisors is planned later in 2013.

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