Marisa Chiulli

How to Sell Your Health IT Products into Hospitals: Main Takeaways

Here are my 4 key takeaways for Device Manufacturers to sell into Hospitals (excerpted from a recent interview with Steve Carbonara who heads Sales Force Effectiveness at Bard Medical).
  1. Know the hospital buying process
  2. Ask the right questions
  3. Align your business with the hospital buying process
  4. Transparency

Know the Hospital Buying Process

Knowing the hospital buying process helps you eliminate spending time on processes you think might work and then finding out that it wasn’t the right one. According to Carbonara, here’s the process: Strategic planning –> Assessment of Technology –> Research of Vendors –> Acquisition –> Utilization.

Ask the Right Questions

You can have all the information in the world, but if you don’t ask the right questions and prioritize them, the information will only take you so far. So what are the right questions to ask then?

  • What are the needs of the hospital?
  • What are all the options available to the hospital today and in the near future?
  • What will be the effect on the operational workflow if the product is purchased?
  • What will be the financial effect of purchasing this product?

Some experts will tell you that it is best to view this process from the buyer side, my opinion,  look at it from a bird’s eye view. Learning what the buyer knows and is looking for will always be a benefit; however knowing too much can become a cripple.

Align Your Business with the Hospital Buying Process

Understanding the hospital buying process gives you the leverage to optimize the process for yourself; ultimately making you the best fit for the organization. The flip side is that you learn early on that the organization may not be the best fit and you now can focus your attention to potential opportunities in better alignment with your organization.1


When a buyer requests for information regarding your organization it is imperative that you provide the buyer with all information about you and your competitors. Do research on your competitors and not just the top 3, aim for the top 10 or 15. You’ll find that by knowing more than the top 3 competitors you’ll learn more about where your organization is in comparison to the others. Being transparent with this information provides you the opportunity to explain for any “mishaps” that may have happened and reassure the buyer. Give them confidence in your organization.

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