Facebook: Social Network or Business Strategy

We’ve all used Facebook at least once in our lives, some people are glued to it, and others can live perfectly without it. By now you’ve probably seen at least 100 different companies you’ve interacted with at least once with on Facebook; but can Facebook actually generate a ROI for your company or product? For… Read more

PhoneSoap: Consumer Product or Medical Device?

If you saw last Friday’s episode of Shark Tank you know that creators of PhoneSoap Wes Barnes and Dan LaPorte turned down Mark Cuban’s offer of $300K for a 20% stake in their company. The entrepreneurs had sales of nearly $540,000 within the first six months on the market, but that did not catch the… Read more

Structuring your Website for Lead Generation

Many of our clients, and those in the medical devices industry, are looking to transform their digital presence from one of providing product information and customer service material to one that drives a digital marketing program. A digital marketing presence that drives sales and marketing efforts needs to generate leads and help nurture those leads… Read more