Leveraging the Cloud to Build Agile Development Environments [Video]

Flexibility, speed, and cost savings are some of the important benefits of migrating your business operations to the cloud. Ayantek Senior Technical Architect, Victor Juri helps clients identify opportunities in the cloud and plan strategies for maximizing them. In this short video, Victor shares insights into leveraging the cloud to build agile development environments and make better use of your development resources.

According to Victor, the cloud can give your developers a way to get new code out quickly and the ability to create multiple environments without breaking your existing one. Working with the cloud also provides a substantial cost savings. Instead of keeping your servers on all the time like in a traditional data center, your developers can test code during the day and shut down or "pause" the servers when not in use. Finally, the cloud provides a better climate for collaborative work – one in which developers can attack multiple problems simultaneously. These are just a few of the benefits of using the cloud. Watch the video for more insights! 

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