The Internet of Things is primed to shake-up
the Manufacturing industry

Over the next 5 years, Manufacturing Organizations are estimated
to invest $140 billion in the Internet of Things.

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X Mobile

Craft a responsive experience.

Hospital decision makers are increasingly using multiple devices – smartphone, tablet, and desktops. Your site experience needs to render wonderfully irrespective of the device.

X Mobile

Throttle the amount of content and functionality based on device type.

Devices are not all made equal. Identify the top 5 use-cases for each device type and start by getting them right. Then move on to others.

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X Analytics

Understand your audience behavior.

Physicians, hospital administrators, GPOs will exhibit different behaviors as they traverse your site. Analyze their usage data by audience type to understand what content is most relevant for each segment.

X Analytics

Identify the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

For each phase of the buying cycle, setting-up conversion milestones. Then adjust your content priorities based on the success or failure of reaching those milestones.

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X Cloud

Centralize the content.

Ensure hospital decision makers have all the content they need, at all points of their decision making process.

X Cloud

Deliver real-time personalization.

Tying your analytics tool with the cloud’s scalability provides the ability to deliver rich, personalized, unique experiences to physicians, hospital administrators, GPOs.

Manufacturers are already embracing the power of IoT

IoT offers manufacturers a significant way to drive competitive advantages and customer value.
See examples of how some manufacturers are using IoT

King’s Hawaiian, a family-owned and operated bakery, supports a centralized data-collection system that collects vast amounts of data — about everything from oven temperatures and bake times to scale weights and maintenance operations to ensure anticipated and reliable outcomes.

Toyota uses real-time software for error corrections in the plant. With improved troubleshooting capabilities and error correction, Toyota has minimized rework and scrap rates in its Alabama plant, which has resulted in an annual cost saving of $550,000.

GE mobile-enabled SCADA applications enable mobility to display performance data and status updates on handhelds, traditionally only available from processor-intensive analytical tools, thereby enabling faster decisions.

Harley-Davidson’s has an installed software to monitor and track perfomance of equipment, such as speed of fans in the painting booth. The software automatically detects issues if a measurement, such as fan speed, temperature, or humidity has deviated from acceptable ranges and adjusts itself.

Haemonetics has designed their “HaemoCloud” platform to connect all Haemonetics devices and software in order to create incredible control of the blood management supply chain. The HaemoCloud platform allows Haemonetics blood management devices to communicate with hospital information systems and provide real-time device operational data for service and support.

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