Tyler Borosavage

Marketing Associate

MITX Lunchspotting Event Recap: Content Curation in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Associate

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Lunchspotting event hosted by MITX at the Wayfair offices in the center of Boston. One of the fellow “Lunchspotters” that I had the pleasure of meeting at this event, was the founder of Wellobox, a company that provides travelers with a customized travel experience in a “Wellobox”. A “Wellobox” is a curated box containing vouchers, products, and local travel advice to use during your trip to enhance your travel experience.  When you purchase a Wellobox, it will be shipped directly to your hotel and will be waiting for you upon your arrival. No more spending valuable vacation time pouring over maps and travel guides, trying to decide what to do during your stay – Wellobox “curates” all of the necessary material for you, based on your personal preferences, and you are left with nothing else to do but enjoy your vacation.

So, what does this have to do with digital marketing you might ask? Well, sifting through travel information to determine what is relevant to you to spend time on during a vacation is quite similar to sifting through content on the internet to determine what is relevant for you to spend time reading. In this blog, I share how this very cool idea has reinforced a major trend that I see dominating the digital marketing space in 2015 – content curation.

Why is Content Curation Important?

According to Curata’s 2012 Content Curation Adoption Survey of more than 400 marketers, the vast majority of digital marketing professionals are utilizing content curation as a key component of their content marketing strategy. By being a credible source for curated content you will establish your organization as an authority, ultimately increasing your inbound leads. But becoming a credible source first requires a lot of hard-work and quality authentic content.

Whether you are starting from square one or you are not seeing the results you had expected from your various digital marketing channels, you need to understand one important fact:  Great content is the key to generating inbound leads. When defining and executing your digital marketing strategy, it is important to invest a lot of time generating original content. Content consumers want to get a feel for the insights that your organization has to provide – in every blog post, YouTube video, or social media post. Establishing your tone of voice will capture your audience and prime them to also want to engage with your curated content.

The path to effective Content Curation

So your original content is now hitting a home run and getting a massive number of shares, likes, and comments. You are producing original, quality content consistently on a monthly basis. Once you have successfully reached these two milestones you are ready to unleash a content curation strategy that will generate high-quality inbound leads.

Make no mistake – there is an enormous amount of content on the web and users are bombarded with it every day. With 2 million blog posts, 250 million photos shared on Facebook, and over 864,000 hours uploaded to YouTube – all in a single day – content consumers will waste countless hours sifting through content to find the content that is relevant to them.  Content consumers are looking to authorities to not only produce great original content but to curate content from outside sources – so that they don’t have to.

The benefits of Content Curation

As a content marketer, your primary goal must be to develop a strategy that couples outstanding original content with relevant curated content. Your original content is what will establish you as a thought leader. Your curated content will then back up your insights.  Content curation has incredible benefits for credibility and brand awareness. Using curated content as a means to promote the insights coming from your original content helps to facilitate a stronger relationship with your content consumers – encouraging them to come back to your organization as a source for quality content and a richer experience when navigating through the web.