Tyler Borosavage

Marketing Associate

A Quartet of SlideShare Presentations to Stir Up your Marketing Mojo

Marketing Associate

Happy Friday, everyone! If you don’t know it already, SlideShare is a great tool used for posting presentations, webinars or PDFs online – basically it is the YouTube of slideshows. We have compiled a collection of excellent SlideShares that have inspired a lot of white board activity at our marketing meetings; we think they will help you to get a 5000 foot overview of your marketing strategy and set your creative juices to flowing. The presentations we show here align with our company message that the “SMAC stack” (the combination of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies) will effectively help you optimize your marketing strategy and drive customer engagement, innovation, and business productivity. 

Winning Content Strategies: Rebalance Your Organization to Deliver Effective Content

In this presentation, Charlene Li and Rebecca Lieb from the Altimeter Group talk about new research results on Content Marketing and discuss the need for organizations to rebalance their resources to become proficient content creators. Organizations that rebalance their resources will improve their initiatives, spend more effectively and align to meet consumer expectations. 

Visual Content Marketing: Capture and Engage your Audience

Marketo uses this SlideShare to show the impact of marketing with visual content and how using too much text can turn off users. Images are more shareable than text. This presentation goes over how to use infographics, video, visual note-taking, memes, and Instagram photos into marketing campaigns. 

Digital Strategy 101

With so much content on the internet it has become easier to ignore. There is an increased pressure to make everything you do as a brand remarkable, attention-earing, and shareable. Digital strategy bridges brand experiences, and engages in a consumer relationship. This is an overview of the current state of digital strategy and an exploration of core concepts, deliverables, and thought-leaders relevant to young practitioners. 

Getting Ready for Marketing 2020

The 2020 consumer is coming fast. There will be an entire generation of consumers who have never lived in a world without mobile devise. This SlideShare discusses how companies need to get ready for a new form of marketing in the form of capabilities and the organization needed to be successful in 2020.