Tyler Borosavage

Marketing Associate

SMACdown 2013: The Digital Dynamos Sweep Up the Competition with their SMAC Solution

Marketing Associate

This week we continue with the recap of our SMACdown event that took place at this year’s FutureM conference in October.  Last week we showed you how the Marketing Mavericks provided a solution that leveraged the SMAC Stack to drive sales and enhance the customer experience for BJ’s Wholesale Club. Now it’s the Digital Dynamos turn to show how to they tackled iRobot’s business challenge to drive customer awareness and expand the brand's footprint. This team of marketing aces was made up of Ayantek’s own President and CEO Praveen Ramanathan, Blue Wave Marketing’s President and CEO John Moran, and Bluetrain Mobile’s Founder and CEO Steffan Berelowtiz.

The Digital Dynamos took home the SMACdown Championship Belt for their ‘MyBot’ campaign that focused on the home consumer and engineering audiences. The incorporation of video and Gamification leveraged the SMAC Stack in an exciting way that won over audience members. Do you think the audience chose the right winner?

Social Media Manager at iRobot, Matt Cooney gives the Digital Dynamos their SMACdown challenge

Steffan Berelowitz, Founder and CEO of Bluetrain Mobile outline a SMAC strategy that has multiple target audiences. He speaks on how any good campaign starts with understand the target audience.

John Moran, President and Founder of Blue Wave Marketing showcases the Digital Dynamos solution in the form of campaign that will incorporate video and gamification.

Ayantek's President and CEO Praveen Ramanathan delivers a solution to iRobot's challenge by showing how the SMAC Stack can be used to connect engineers from across the world.

Praveen continues to show the SMAC Stack's versatility when delivering the Digital Dynamos solution.