Jude DeMeis

Senior Consultant, Technical Architect

Use Schema.org to Supercharge Your Search Looks

Senior Consultant, Technical Architect

Have you ever heard of Schema.org? Seven years ago, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Yandex set out to standardize the vocabulary that content managers can use to help search engines understand their content.

While the name may be unfamiliar, chances are you’ve unwittingly seen search results energized by the Schema.org standard. Ever done a search for a business and seen the social media icons or hours pop up?



These are all generated by microdata that you can easily embed to your own site.  The Schema.org website does a great job explaining how to get started at implement this magic, but to give you some ideas of where you can take your organizations search image, here are some useful types:

Opening Hours (the general opening hours for a business)

Event (an event happening at a certain time and location, such as a concert, lecture, or festival)

Organization (a corporation, school, club, etc.)

Person (alive, dead, or fictional)

Local Business (physical business or branch of an organization)

Product (any product or service)

In addition to the standards above, Google has some useful specific schemas such as:

Social Media Profile (prominently display your social profile information in some Google Search results)

Logo (the image Google Search uses for your organization’s logo in Search results)

By taking a few extra steps to mark up content with tags that describe a specific person, place, or event you can help Google and other search engines better understand your content and display it in many useful ways!