Tyler Borosavage

Marketing Associate

This Week in Digital Strategy 10.25.13

Marketing Associate

Happy Friday, everyone! This was another busy and informative week in the world of digital strategy. Discussed this week are the top design trends in mobile apps, the changes that you need to implement in order to adapt to Google’s Hummingbird update, and how to successfully manage your social media strategy in 30 minutes a day. Also, a new report surfaced that saying that Facebook ads are significantly more profitable on iOS than Android. Finally, we see how MLB’s Instagram account is generating excellent user engagement from their coverage of the World Series. 

How Apps are Evolving: A Look at the Recent Design Trends in Mobile Apps via The Droid Guy

A mobile apps success hinges on design. This article goes into depth about the 10 design trends that are creating a great user experience. Some of the trends discussed are the increasingly popular flat and minimalist design.

Design is everything. Great ideas turn into great designs and great designs help in building great apps. Earlier, people worried more about the functionality of the app and cared less about its interface. But times have changed. People now have a zero-tolerance policy for antiquated apps. App Developers not only need to create aesthetically pleasing interfaces, they also need to keep up to the perpetually altering design trends. And let’s not overrule the catastrophic outbreak of apps on the three major mobile platforms- Windows, Apple and Android. For your app to stand-out, it needs to have a kickass interface blended with an amazing idea. Might sound exaggerating, but the time of mediocrity is out. Boring, humdrum, run-of-the-mill doesn’t work anymore.

Social Media Management Strategy in 30 Minutes a Day [Infographic] via Business2Community

Managing your social media accounts does not have to take a majority of your day. You are a marketer you have many things on your plate. This infographic gives a great strategy to managing your social media accounts in 30 minutes a day. To view the full infographic click the link above.

Facebook Ads Are 1,790% More Profitable on iOS Than Android via Mashable

For the first three quarters of 2013, RPC [revenue per click] on iOS averaged 6.1 times higher than Android and ROI [return on investment] on iOS averaged 17.9 times higher than Android.

After studying more than 200 billion Facebook ads, it has been discovered that the ads are more effective on iOS than on Android. The study conducted by Nanigans shows that Facebook ads on iOS are 1,790% more profitable than on Android-powered devices.

MLB’s Instagram coverage of the World Series generates consistant user engagement

The World Series is one of the largest sporting events of the year. It is no surprise that the MLB is documenting this legendary series with photos. Every posted to the MLB's Instagram account is relevant and timely, two elements that generate user engagement. The posts during the World Series have generated an average of 30k likes for each photo.