Tyler Borosavage

Marketing Associate

This Week in Digital Strategy 11.1.13

Marketing Associate

Happy Friday, everyone! As the world keeps turning in the world of digital strategy new insights keep getting uncovered and we are here to round them all up. This week we have received the 3 rules every digital marketing campaign needs to follow in order to be successful, an infographic about how people are engaging on Pinterest, and why your marketing strategy needs to keep pace with digital culture. We also see how USA Today is using current events and holidays in order to create highly shareable content on Vine. 

3 Rules Every Digital Marketing Campaign Must Follow via Jacksonville Business Journal

No matter the channel or technology behind a campaign there are three fundamental rules that will dictate success for every aspect of digital marketing. This article discusses why you need to clearly define your audience, set clear goals for the campaign, and have analytics in place to measure results.

Effective marketing begins with identifying your audience. Remember, these are real people with real needs who are looking for a solution to a problem. Because you already know the value of what you offer, you already understand what problems you can help solve. This means your main task is to identify these people, determine what their needs are, and do whatever you can to get your message in front of them. If all goes well, you just might be the solution want.

Infographic: All About How People Share On Pinterest via Marketing Land

Pinterest is one of the hottest social media platforms over the past year. It has nearly overtaken e-mail as the third most popular sharing channel behind Facebook and Twitter. This infographic shows interactions on Pinterest based on how users are engaging on their mobile device compared to their desktop, when users are sharing, and what type of content they are sharing.

Your Marketing Strategy Needs to Keep Pace with Digital Culture via Forbes

Keeping up with digital marketing culture matters a lot, it can make the difference in impact customer engagement and most importantly impact sales figures across multiple channels. Forbes discusses how your marketing strategy can keep pace with digital marketing culture.

Can chief marketing officers transform the way they market by simply employing a test-and-learn philosophy? Well, yes and no. Let me explain. If a brand is simply going to try a bunch of random “tactics” without any real reason or purpose behind them, there won’t be much value in it. Just look at how many brands these days are jumping headfirst into the responsive-design game. They’re doing it because they are being told by either the C-level executive team or the board of directors that mobile is where they need to be. So they go after a quick fix and rush into responsive design without any real thought, strategy or testing behind it. That’s a big mistake.

USA Today creates engaging Vine videos with coverage of the World Series and Halloween

Keeping up with current events and holidays is an easy way to generate user engagement on social media. This gives your brand to showcase its creativity and add some personality to your brand. This Halloween, USA Today incorporated the World Series and Halloween into their Vine videos. The videos do a great job of showcasing the brand in a creative way that is topical and a sharable piece of content.