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This Week in Digital Strategy 11.22.13

Marketing Associate

Happy Friday, everyone! Chances are that you probably did not get your hands on a new Xbox One or PS4 but not to worry we have a great consolation prize…more great insights into the world of digital strategy. This week we cover the importance of conversion, tactics to increasing content consumption, and measuring your return on social media. We also want to help you out this shopping season as retailers gear up to offer deals left and right. So we have captured the eight best mobile apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Enjoy the roundup below!




Marketing 101: The Importance of Conversion via Mashable

Every marketer knows that conversion is important. The process of getting the conversions is the difficult part. In this article, Mashable explains the importance of conversion and why you shouldn’t be looking at just the conversion rate as a metric. There need to be metrics in place to give you the entire story.

If you're looking to increase the conversion rate —purchases or otherwise — you might want to consider "microconversions." Instead of asking yourself the daunting question of,How do we get people to buy more?, it would be wise to break down conversion into its many steps and elements, writes ecommerce expert Dan Barker. He recommends examining your site's most important pages and common consumer pathways, and paying attention to stats such as the percentage of searches that result in a click to a product page. Armed with that information, you can focus on optimizing your search results to improve these microconversions and drive more business.

5 Tactics for Content Creators to Increase Content Consumption via Content Marketing Institute

Generating interesting and engaging content is a must for any marketer. Increasing consumption of your content is an easier said than done task. In this article, Content Marketing Institute outlines 5 tactics for content creators to increase consumption. We have displayed one tactic below. Getting users to consume your content starts with a great title.

Take it from one of the original “Mad Men,” David Ogilvy: Only one out of five readers gets beyond the headline. Therefore, take the time to ensure that your headlines pack a maximum punch. I advise content creators to start with these tips:

Spend time at your local magazine stand: Dead tree (i.e., print) magazines perform based on the power of their headlines. Study what makes them tick, particularly high-circulation publications, like Cosmopolitan.

Give your headlines one last tweak before content goes live: While it can be useful to have a working headline to start off your writing process, it’s a good idea to go back and take a second look at it at the end of your process to make sure it’s the best it can be.

How to Measure Your Return on Your Social Media Investment via Entrepreneur

Social media is one of the hardest platforms to calculate your ROI for. Entrepreneur provides some great insight into how to measure ROI. We have displayed on tactic below, calculating costs. What goes into your social media effort: time, man-power, materials to create content all help to calculate your cost and help to develop a cost model to better help measure ROI.

Calculate your costs. A controversial term for determining worth, ROI is revered by numbers types and disdained by brand marketers. There are many different formulas for quantifying ROI–which is one reason why the concept is controversial. But, simply put, ROI is a correlation between the resources a company spends on an effort and the money it generates in return. To calculate the ratio, subtract the money your company spends ramping up your social media presence from the amount of revenue your online effort generates. Then divide that figure by your initial investment.

The 8 best apps for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping via Venture Beat

We are one week away from the busiest shopping seasons of the year. Having a mobile app will most likely help you to find better deals this holiday season. Venture Beat has compiled a list of the eight best apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a perfect example of how mobile is being utilized for personalized and targeted offers through mobile apps.


Coupons App by Shopular provides access to coupons from top retailers. An alert pops up in real-time when at a store or a mall to apprise you of deals.


Sometimes the best deal isn’t available when you’re ready to shop. BuyVia’s app alerts you to real-time discounts on desired products and offers deals picked by professionals, barcode scanning, and price comparisons.