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Marketing Associate

This Week in Digital Strategy 12.27.13

Marketing Associate

Happy Friday, everyone! With the major holidays behind us we look forward to a new year filled with insights into the world of digital strategy. For our last roundup of the year we have compiled some excellent content that will add value to your digital strategy. This week we have discovered how habits can impact user behavior, how shady SEO tactics can ruin your search rankings and how tables are becoming increasingly more important for online shopping. We want to give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to content marketing with ten predictions for 2014. Finally, we see how Coke Zero used the ‘Sweater Generator’ to increase user engagement.

How Habits Can Impact User Behavior via inspireUX

Duke University found in a 2006 study that 40% of actions that people perform are habits, not purposeful decisions. Based off this finding this blog post goes into depth about how habits influence users interactions and how you can develop a better user experience.  

Users who frequently reference the same information within an online experience will usually learn the path that they need to take to access the content. They may focus more on where they remember these links to be on a page or screen rather than actively focusing on the logical pathways to get to the content. Think about an experienced cashier entering an order at a fast food restaurant. In order to be efficient, they’re likely to develop habits and rely on memory of where items are on the screen rather than focus on the actual content on the screen.

Tablets Are Becoming More Important Than Smartphones For Online Shopping, But Retailers Aren't Ready via Business Insider

Numbers do not lie. Mobile sales increased by 43% on mobile devices this Black Friday. This was the best Cyber Monday in history with revenue increasing by 18.2%. As Business Insider reports, tablets are becoming more important than smartphones for online shopping. Creating an optimized mobile user experience is imperative for any business to drive sales.

How is it that tablets are beginning to overtake the smartphone for retail, despite the fact that there are fewer tablets than smartphones in consumer hands? It turns out tablets are perfect devices for "lean-back," or power shopping sessions. Their large screens make it easy to pinch-to-zoom for detailed product views, browse the Web, and search. Average order values, retail traffic, and conversion rates are higher on tablets, helping them punch above their weight class.

Google Destroys Rap Genius’ Search Rankings As Punishment For SEO Spam, But Resolution In Progress via TechCrunch

For anyone that has searched for song lyrics on Google you probably have seen a link to Rap Genius. The website has set itself apart from other lyric websites because it also provides annotations to a majority of songs. Rap Genius has had benefitted from being on the top of Google’s search results by receiving a $15 million investment. Did Rap Genius get to the top of Google’s search ranking honestly? No. In the article it goes into how Rap Genius used ‘shady’ tactics to improve their SEO. But shady SEO tactics can ruin your Google ranking. This failure can be a lesson to companies big and small trying to climb up the Google search rankings.

That apology doesn’t seem to have gotten it very far, as Google this morning practically swept Rap Genius out of its search results. Previously, Rap Genius was appearing at the top or close to the top of search results for queries of popular rap songs and the word “lyrics,” for example “Kanye West Flashing Lights Lyrics.” It would even sometimes appear high in simple searches for artist and song names.

Now, you won’t find Rap Genius for that query until the fifth page of results, likely further than anyone would look. For evidence of how serious the punishment is, adding “Rap Genius” to the end of that query actually makes Rap Genius appear even deeper down the results on the sixth page.

The Content Marketing Forecast: 10 Predictions for 2014 via Mashable

Developing creative and engaging content is a key for any brand. While building your content plan for the next year it is imperative that you account for trends that will capture your audience’s attention.   This article goes into ten predictions to have on your radar for the upcoming year.   

2014 is the make-it-or-break-it year for proving the value of content and social marketing. We’ll start seeing content marketing platforms offer full integration with customer databases and CRMs. This will allow marketers to target prospects in different stages of the funnel, with customized content in each channel. With marketing and sales goals more closely aligned, marketers will finally crack the ROI of content.

Coke Zero uses the ‘Ugly Holiday Sweater’ to encourage user engagement across web and social media

You probably saw your fair share of ugly sweaters this holiday season. Coke Zero added fuel to the ugly garment fire with the launch of the ‘Sweater Generator’.  Users were able to choose from a variety of design patterns and colors then have their design shared via social media. The top 100 designs were made and sent to their creators. This campaign was an overwhelming success in its first 36 hours, the generator has resulted in nearly 18,000 sweaters. This interactive site provided Coke Zero with an increase in brand awareness across the web and social media.