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This Week in Digital Strategy 3.7.14

Marketing Associate

Happy Friday, everyone! Hopefully you are getting caught up in the phenomenon that is True Detective but just in case you aren't we have got you covered with marketing insights. This week we expanded our knowledge in the world of analytics. Investments in analytics are paying off for companies. We also found out the qualities it takes to become a social media superhero, how to decide between HTML5, iOS, or Android when making a mobile app, and how adults in the U.S. are around digital media 11 hours a day. Finally, we discuss how Arby's generated a long-lasting social media buzz. Enjoy our round-up below.


Reaching the Pot of Gold: How Investments in Analytics Are Paying Off via Ayantek

This week our AVP of Practice Development, Brett Borgeson wrote a great blog article about how companies that are making investments in analytics are seeing huge returns. He goes into detail on how companies are uncovering what makes the most profitable customer and identifying new leads and how to nurture them through analytics.

There is a lot of buzz currently about analytics and big data, and rightfully so.  The pot of gold that analytics promises is the ability to fully understand customer behavior, derive actionable insights, and further tailor customer experiences to meet the needs of any segment.    As evidenced by the projection that big data will grow to a $53 billion dollar industry by 2017, which is up from $12 billion in 2013, the mandate is clear1.   However, while the investment and expectation exists across many industries, it is not an easy hill to climb to achieve the capabilities needed to derive deep insights and be able to make decisions.  The investments are starting to pay off, though, which indicates there may really be a pot of gold that awaits those who pursue the analytics path.

U.S. Adults Spend 11 Hours Per Day With Digital Media [CHART] via Mashable

Neilson recently came out with a cross-platform study showing that U.S. adults spend 11 hours a day with digital media. This information proves one thing; we are in front of some sort of screen all day. As a marketer it is essential to figure out how to reach these consumers on several devices.

Here's a stat we've heard over and over: 58% of American adults own smartphones. Pair that with the fact that digital culture permeates almost every aspect of our lives, and we can already assume the average person spends a lot of time with gadgets.

The Superpowers of the Social Media Marketer [Infographic] via Smart Insights

As a social media marketer you need to be ready to adapt quickly and listen to users in order to build relationships along with several other qualities. You are one of the first impressions that a user interacting on social receives of your brand. In order to become the best social media marketer you can be check out the following superpowers that every social media marketer needs to possess.

In this infographic, we look at social media marketing skills. This shows how soft skills such as listening, nurturing and patience are just as important as some of the hard, technical skills. We’re not sure they need to be ‘superpowers’ though.

iOS vs. Android vs. HTML5 – Making the Decision via Business2Community

Going mobile is becoming a necessity for most companies. To start it is essential to have a mobile optimized website. Those who find the need for a mobile app there are many considerations. One being whether to use iOS, Android, or HTML5 for developing your mobile app. This article goes into detail to help you make that decision, espcially if you dont know where to start.

It’s been said that in regards to the question of which mobile platform is the best to target for development, the answer is to develop for the mobile web. HTML5 has indeed moved to the forefront of mobile development alongside iOS and Android in terms of market share and developer adoption. However, it still has yet a ways to go before displacing the top two performers and indeed may never bridge that distance, as comparing HTML5 to Android and iOS may be akin to an apples to oranges scenario.

How Arby’s Generated a Massive Long-Lasting Social Buzz with One Tweet

Pretty much every award show has at least one buzz worthy moment that brands want to take capitalize on. This year’s Grammy Award’s there was no better response to producer and singer-songwriter Phrarrell’s on stage outfit than Arby’s. For those who don’t know Pharrell wore a hat reminiscent of Smokey the Bear. Memes, Tweets were created instantly. Arby’s whose logo bared a striking likeness to the singer’s hat crafted a tweet that went viral in minutes.

In a 24-hour news cycle world Arby’s managed to stay relevant every time Pharrell’s hat was mentioned. Arby’s was successful in creating a trigger that kept the brand ‘top of mind/tip of tongue’. The culmination of Arby’s social buzz is when Pharrell’s hat was auctioned on eBay for charity. The hat so sold to none other than Arby’s who paid $44,000 for the hat but created a long-lasting social buzz in the process.