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This Week in Digital Strategy 4.18.14

Marketing Associate

https://www.ayantek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/apps1.jpgHappy Friday, everyone! This week there have been some incredible insights in the world of digital strategy. An aspect of digital strategy that we want to harp on this week is the importance of content marketing. Delivering the right content at the right time is every marketer’s goal. Having a robust content marketing strategy can help get you there. Take a look at the great articles that will provide valuable information for optimizing your content strategy.

Getting Started with Content Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps via Ayantek

We received a great guest blog on building your content marketing strategy from Karo Kilfeather, the Content Marketing Manager at Percussion Software. Having a content marketing strategy can help to engage your customers with better tailored content. She provides five key questions that you must ask to get started.

Your content should engage visitors in a way that leads them to initiate contact or transaction with you. If you’re running a college or university website, you want to increase inquiries and applications. If you are a B2B software company, you want to get more people to request demos, trials, and licenses for your software. Once you define your desired outcomes, you can plan content that will lead customers further down your sales funnel.

Auditing Your Social Media Content: 5 Issues to Tackle via Content Marketing Institute

Social media is a great tool that can help magnify your content to a wide audience. Coupled with a content marketing strategy social media can be a valuable asset. Organization’s that have a presence on social media and aren’t receiving desired engagement might want to audit the content that is being posted.

Social media is such an effective method of distributing and amplifying your content that, in my mind, the channels and pages that you use as a part of your social media marketing campaign deserve just as much care and attention. The same basic principles discussed in my previous article apply when conducting a social media audit — you simply can’t cut corners and expect to achieve great results. If you are ready to start out on the social media audit journey, bring a bag full of patience, the willingness to listen to experts, and be sure to free up your calendar. 


Branded Viral Videos: The Secret Marketing Weapon via Mashable

Despite what you may think there is no formula for creating viral content. Brand’s that are successful with viral videos understand their customer’s wants/needs. They help to create a perception that transcends a product or service. The following article shows how a viral video can be great asset for your digital strategy.  

Brands are now looking to connect with their audiences in a way that not only provides enjoyment to the viewer, but also aligns with the qualities that companies want to embody — what were once brick-and-mortar businesses are now becoming adroit visual storytellers. Many industry experts consider video to be marketing's new frontier, be it through YouTube or short stories on Instagram, Vine and Snapchat. But creating a successful video is more of an art than a science.

As Mobile Revolutionizes Commerce, How Marketers Are Taking Advantage via Marketing Land

We are in the middle of a massive shift. Mobile is reshaping the commerce landscape. This article shows how marketers are taking advantage of the mobile revolution.

How many of your daily tasks would be nearly impossible (or at least more difficult) without mobile devices, e-mail and the internet? It’s tough to imagine accomplishing even the simplest of tasks, especially when it comes to buying and selling goods. Mobile has revolutionized commerce, including the way consumers engage, research and ultimately purchase products.

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