Jude DeMeis

Senior Consultant, Technical Architect

What sets Sisense apart as an Analytics Platform?

Senior Consultant, Technical Architect

Delivering data dashboards to business users requires several steps across application layers. Multiple systems of record are typical – and the first task is to extract all needed data from those places. Aggregation and transformation must then be performed to result in a consolidated data warehouse. The final stage is to produce valuable visualizations of the numbers.

In traditional BI, these steps are done by various technologies. This requires designing complex integrations, transformation code, and custom database schemas – since each product performs only one role.

Sisense blows up this classic model by providing the entire BI architecture in a single, competitively priced solution. Extraction data connectors can immediately attach to existing systems. Sisense includes a flexible, high performance ElastiCube that can visually map and relate the consolidated data. Finally, the dashboarding tool set produces and delivers secure interactive charts, graphs, and tables to a variety of audiences.

Ayantek has found that Sisense allows very rapid time to market with a low cost development cycle. Simply put, starting with this end to end solution allows our team to focus on the data and presentation instead of system design and integration. This results in more business value and less IT overhead.