Preparing for the day in court

A daunting challenge for defence attorneys when preparing their case, is to uncover the crucial information and back-story to their clients’ cases and lives. When assigned to a case, attorneys have limited documentation about the case. Court hearing dates often drive the amount of time attorneys spend in collecting additional information and preparing for the case. If their client is incarcerated, the attorney would need to schedule multiple visits and work within the constraints of visitation hours. Other issues such as inadequate resources, limited language skills of the client, and lack of emotionally safe place for clients to share information, makes it difficult for the attorneys to fully discover the vital information necessary to build a strong defence for their client.

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Closing the information gap

The team at DefenseMap saw an opportunity to solve this problem and partnered with Ayantek to conceptualize, an ingenious online platform to efficiently and quickly gather, analyse, and organize all the required information from clients. Rather than being stuck with busy work in data gathering, the attorney’s time could go towards reviewing the detail and preparing for the case.

To make a comprehensive platform applicable for any type of situation, the system had to collect client information across 25 different sections, amounting to more than 1000 questions in total. Intelligent business rules were required to determine the overall work-flow, as responses to certain questions determined the future set of questions that would be shown.

Justice for everyone

Ayantek realized the need to design a user experience that was simple and easy for both attorneys and their clients. The user experience that was envisioned used a streamlined, step-wise, workflow-based, intake questionnaire. The questionnaire structure incorporated adaptive logic so appropriate questions were displayed based on the users’ earlier responses. Upon conclusion of the intake, the responses were automatically screened, organized, and codified into a confidential, downloadable Defense Map report. A key aspect in the reports was the intelligent flags section that highlighted critical information from the client’s responses to the attention of the attorneys.

Clients in the justice system have limited English proficiency, no knowledge of English, or inadequate reading proficiency in English. For these clients, the platform needed to support languages besides English. The site integrated ReadSpeaker Text to Speech (TTS) functionality to provide those with literacy difficulties an option to listen to an audio version of the written content in both English and Spanish.

A clear positive verdict

The team at DefenseMap were thrilled with the launch of the new platform. Defense attorneys can now (1) save time, (2) defer to clients the task of completing 25 sections of vital inquiry, and (3) receive an unprecedented confidential map to case success. Attorney feedback has been extremely positive, particularly with the ease of use of the platform.

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