Making a strategic move

The Freedom22 Foundation is an Indiana based non-profit organization that provides free help for separated, divorced, and never-married parents. The Foundation maintained three different websites each offering tools and resources to cater to different target audiences based on their parenting situation.

The first website was for divorcing and divorced parents who were in some form of conflict. Parents in conflict often carry a lot of emotions as part of the process. At the same time, most parents agree that they want their children to be safe and happy despite the separation. The website was intended to help parents understand the impact that conflict had on their children and help them put their children’s needs ahead of everything else. The second website was intended for never-married parents who were in conflict. The third website was for still-married parents going through marital problems.

The SMAC Stack Insights

When consolidating multiple sites into a single experience, start by understanding the various user archetypes; then design a navigation offering clear pathways for each user type.

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Recognizing the conflict

Maintaining multiple sites required more time, effort and money on the Foundation’s part. It was also confusing to some of the audience whose life-situations shifted over time.

After understanding the different audiences and their needs, Ayantek recommended consolidating the three separate websites into one, under a single brand identity. The improvements would involve streamlining the content and crafting a simple navigational experience with clear directional paths for each user type.

Orchestrating a successful conversation

From a branding perspective, Ayantek’s approach emphasized the use of uniform visual elements and a common messaging. Ayantek redesigned the brand logo emphasizing the importance of shelter and caring for the children caught by conflict.

The homepage was designed to provide clear paths for parents, professionals, well-wishers and family members to find a clear path to content and resources for their specific needs. Call-to-actions and featured video spotlights offered mechanisms to highlight key content. The website was redesigned to be fully-responsive supporting mobile, tablet and desktop resolutions.

Bringing It All Together

The site has been extremely successful and has been enthusiastically received by different stakeholders, especially parents who find the new website incredibly valuable.

Since the launch, the site experienced a 17% increase in number of visitors and 9% increase in mobile user. The bounce rate also decreased by 6% in comparison to previous period. The new site has received many positive feedback and helped the Freedom 22 build a strong foundation of engaged users that benefit from the website.

“Ayantek’s amazing capabilities and pricing have made it possible for our little family charity to do something most of our affiliated judges thought was impossible: give over 250,000 parents a supremely engaging, personal, and free education on building divorce success by focusing on their children’s need for peace in their family.

Ayantek did more than deliver outstanding work. They made our vision their vision, and wouldn’t be here without their outstanding skills, dedication, and heart.”

– Dr. Kylea Asher-Smith,, Executive Director

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