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For an ecommerce website it is vital to be able to track every step in a user’s path. Knowing where the user enters your site and how they move through the sales funnel provides your organization with valuable information that tells you where to place content in order to generate higher purchases. Avid Technologies, the world’s leading provider of audio and video technology for media organizations and independent professionals understood this critical digital need and decided to take action.

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With a user’s behavior through the sales funnel as the main focus, we worked side-by-side with Avid to build a framework that help better understand demographics and the user flows. We agreed the following points would give Avid the best analytics set-up:
  • Enable accurate reporting for shop.avid.com
  • Audit purchase funnels and track all steps
  • Enable individual report suites for international websites
  • Ensure all trial downloads are tracked and be able to segment visitors.

An audit that really turns up the volume on reporting

Our team began to dig deep into Avid’s website auditing each section to find gaps between tracking mechanisms. The audit majorly helped to understand what type of data was stored in each parameter. The largest realization that we came to during the audit was key information was not being tracked, cart behavior on Avid’s shop.avid.com site being one of them. By identifying the key aspects of the site our team provided quick changes that would help to empower Avid’s marketing team.

Time for a data encore

The analytics audit led to a clear focus on where to apply our energies. First step was to identify and separate user flows between the Avid.com and Shop.avid.com. Then, we bolstered the eCommerce reporting by accurately structuring the entire shopping cart & checkout flow metrics. This included tracking new measures such as Cart Removals, Cart Updates, and Payment Failures. The third step was to close the timing gap in the sales funnel by reporting on real-time metrics. For instance anytime a customer signs into their account, it was immediately reflected in the dashboard. These measures helped Avid’s marketing executives to accurately understand the entire customer picture from Lead Nurturing to Close, thus setting the groundwork for successful sales & marketing strategies.

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