Promising start, big plans, small budget

eMedia Interactive received much attention from the launch of its all-digital suite of magazines — eZines Limited. The company wanted build a profitable business on its initial readership, and realized it would need more than an e-reader to do that—it would need a killer website that would showcase the titles, and through content sampling, drive paying subscriptions and ad revenue. A tall order for a start-up with limited funds.

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Our solution: Find, read, subscribe in one easy-to-use environment

Our team realized that, for e-Zines to achieve its business goals, the site experience needed to be enticing and simple—that meant showcasing the visual appeal of each title, making it simple to browse and sample, see and respond to ads, and move seamlessly into subscription.

Make sure it works well and looks great, then sweat the details

We put the full power of our global team on the challenge, and quickly came up with solid site functionality, a stunning design skin, and seamless integration with the existing e-reader. This allowed e-Zines to re-launch its brand, build subscription, and start to sell advertising, without having to invest all of its redesign budget at once. When revenue began to grow, e-Zines was able to fund refinements, where we tackled the details of advanced functionality and user interface that would enrich the user experience and accelerate revenue growth.

Living up to the promise. And then some.

When we first engaged with e-Zines Limited they were an exciting concept; thanks to our redesign, they’re now a thriving business. Using the social marketing capability we built into the site, they’re growing their fan base and learning how to better serve them. With a scalable digital platform, the company is ready to add titles and see their business soar.

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