Rousing message lost in a sea of words.

For over two decades, Dr. Srikumar Rao has taught a course for executives and entrepreneurs, “Creativity and Personal Mastery”, that helped them achieve deep meaning in their lives and realize quantum leaps in personal and professional effectiveness. While Dr. Rao had built up a substantial following of graduates, his efforts to promote himself, his course and his materials were hampered by the lack of a cohesive brand and marketing dependent on a text-heavy website and scholarly opinion pieces.

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Our solution: build the brand around a rich visual experience.

Our user experience and design professionals believe strongly that the best digital marketing today is built around the principle of “show don’t tell.” Through bold headlines, captivating visuals and open and honest video, our team knew that prospects would see for themselves the power of Dr. Rao’s message, how his course worked, and how it has benefited executives and entrepreneurs like themselves. Experiencing the brand first-hand on the website, they would be much more likely to enroll in courses and download materials.

Turning an inspirational message into a marketing platform.

Our team worked closely with Dr. Rao to understand his values and beliefs, how his course worked and how it helped participants to transform their lives. With this understanding we were able to define The Rao Institute brand, create a new logo, and develop a completely new website that would deliver on the promise of a rich visual experience. The new website, built on the CMS platform, was designed to be fully responsive on all mobile devices, and allow the site to function as a hub of future content marketing initiatives.

A night-and-day transformation.

Graduates of Dr. Rao’s course have been effusive in their praise for his new website, calling it a “night- and-day transformation”, a redesign that “truly captures the energy and spirit of his work.” With a strong foundation in place, The Rao Institute is developing an aggressive content marketing program to bring its message to tens of thousands of executives and entrepreneurs who are eager to become more creative and inspiring leaders.
“ I recommend Ayantek unhesitatingly for a wide range of technology applications…Ayantek makes recommendations honestly and lays out options with pros and cons. There are no ‘hidden agendas’…I have found Ayantek to be very responsive and the turnaround to be fast…They have already moved well beyond being a vendor to becoming a strategic partner.”

– Srikumar Rao, CEO, The Rao Institute Consultant and TED Speaker

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