Can you make it fun and serious at the same time?

Cognex, a global provider of machine vision products that aid design engineers in automating, streamlining and generating efficiencies in factory workflows, wanted to achieve three objectives with one online promotion for an important new product launch:

1) educate customers about their detection and inspection products ;
2) generate awareness about the product; and
3) generate qualified leads for their salesforce.

The SMAC Stack Insights

Crafting a gamification-based campaign experience that is fun and engaging can increase the amount of social sharing, increase positive brand perception, and drive leads.
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Our solution: Put the story in the game.

After much brainstorming, our team came up with a simple solution: make a game out of the factory workflow experience where players use the Cognex product to move through each level to ultimate victory. Rather than tell them, they’d see for themselves how Cognex, in real life, was the solution they were looking for.

1 universal experience.
6 game stages.
10 languages.

Our team strategized, designed and produced a game in ten languages around an experience prospects anywhere in the world could relate to—a typical factory workflow. Through a simple yet rich user experience, players were able to quickly grasp the rules of play and progress through six levels of game play on a conveyor belt, where each challenge highlighted the abilities of Cognex products.

A well-rounded campaign

To generate game participation, we developed an email and banner ad campaign, and to nurture prospects and capture leads, we designed landing page templates that featured product videos, corporate links and encouragement to register for a grand prize offer.

Success leads to more games.

We delivered a complete promotion—advertising, games, landing pages—in just six weeks. Feedback from Cognex was extremely positive—they ran the game for six months, and then asked us to design and develop three more!

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