Redefining the wellness industry

VoxxLife, a privately-held Canadian company providing drug-free human wellness through proprietary performance technology, was experiencing tremendous business growth. VoxxLife’s socks and insole products harness the power of Neuro-Muscular Science and Neuro Activation to instantly improve strength, energy, stability, balance and range of motion. With over 10,000 micro distributors, 175 SKU’s and 10 different product categories, the CEO recognized the criticality of metrics-driven decision-making in ensuring the company’s success and growth.


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A burst of data velocity

After conducting a thorough review of BI/Analytics products, VoxxLife selected Sisense as their platform. Sisense, the first data analytics tool on the market to offer a single-stack solution, gives business users the ability to blend massive amounts of data instantly; then to slice, dice and drill down into the data quickly, taking away actionable insights from the dashboards.

Upon recommendation by Sisense, VoxxLife chose Ayantek to imagine, orchestrate, enrich, and visualize their data by harnessing the power of the Sisense platform. As a Sisense certified partner, Ayantek brought deep Sisense expertise, a superlative record of successful customer implementations, and proven methodologies.


Talking the talk, walking the walk

Through a rapid, three-step process, Ayantek worked with VoxxLife business stakeholders to 1) outline the overall data strategy, 2) model the data integrated with key backend systems, and 3) build and launch the dashboards.

Ayantek facilitated workshops with VoxxLife stakeholders to define the key data drivers for business performance and mechanisms to integrate Sisense into the day-to-day work routine and culture. In addition, the workshop covered data governance, self-service analytics, and dashboard white-boarding that led to meaningful stories and insights for VoxxLife. With the strategy in place, Ayantek designed a data model that integrated, normalized and transformed multiple data sources (e.g. accounting systems, inventory systems) into a single ElastiCube.

The next step was to design and launch dashboard visualizations in Sisense. Sales dashboards were enabled to handle multiple currencies. Operational dashboards offered performance analysis over time-series data. The dashboards incorporated diverse visualization patterns (e.g. pie charts, histograms, pivot tables etc.) and featured optimized filters to produce meaningful business insights.

Winning the wellness race
in every way

The Sisense dashboards proved to be a game-changer for VoxxLife. For starters, they opened access to data for every user in the organization, including non-technical stakeholders. Combining data from multiple sources into a single Elasticube, generated deep insight into the mechanics of the business. The intuitive visualizations allowed the Executive Team, Sales Team, and Operations Team to focus on metrics that mattered most to each; and then went beyond by allowing each team to cross-pollinate data insights and help each other maximize underlying business efficiencies.

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– Jay Dhaliwal, CEO


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