Can we engage engineers through Social Media?

Analog Devices (ADI) wanted to better engage their key target of design engineers. Knowing that a significant portion of engineers connect through professional networks, ADI believed a social media program designed to engage them could eventually be used to attract new customers, increase sales and help build loyalty.

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Our solution: give them a challenge they can’t resist

Working closely with ADI’s marketing team, we designed a social media contest that would pique engineers’ interest by appealing to their innate need to respond to a professional challenge. The contest connected engineers problem-solving skills with an ADI product—the ADXL345 Accelerometer—by asking them to guess the G-force of a small rocket. The premise of the contest—“Guess the Gs”—was laid out in a video, along with visual examples that would provide a frame of reference for estimation, including a model rocket outfitted with an ADI accelerometer to record the actual Gs.

Not quite rocket science, but a lot of thoughtful work

In developing the test, we had to balance our desire for it to drive measurable behavior with business impact, with the need to make the contest fun and easy to participate in. This meant designing a user experience and process flow that would work regardless of whether users were logged in or registered as a user of We performed a number of use case analyses to identify situations where problems might occur, and then developed business rules to address those. Once the social media design and architecture were in place, we worked with ADI to integrate it into contest-specific landing pages, and linked those pages to product pages on

Results in the stratosphere

“Guess the G’s” broke all records at ADI for social media engagement metrics, including 4,885 unique contest registrations, 7,236 video views on and 9,864 video views on YouTube.

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