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Analog Devices had very aggressive strategic goals:
1) reinforce their leadership position;
2) shorten the buying cycle and
3) encourage customers to purchase design solutions instead of individual products.

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Our solution: See it. Try it. Buy it.

Working as a team with ADI, we found an innovative way to address all three: we would create a complete virtual design environment with everything engineers would need to design and test more than 200 reference circuits and verified product combinations. By working directly with products in, this new design environment would make it easy to go from simulation to purchase, shortening the buying cycle. And by offering engineers a tool to help speed and improve their workflow, Analog Devices would build a strong relationship with them, increasing product purchase and retention.

Build a visual tool for visual thinkers.

Through collaborative design sessions, our team saw that a highly visual user interface, one that mirrored the way design engineers work, would be critical to getting them to embrace this new tool. We decided early on that all aspects of the interface should make it easy for engineers to design and test options—they should be able to quickly search, find reference circuits and verifiable products, drag and drop them into their design “palette,” develop combinations, and run simulations. Collaborating with Analog stakeholders, we tested and evolved the interface and layouts until we were certain engineers could engage at any point in the design process, assuring a high degree of process flexibility and team-work. Working closely with Analog’s IT staff, we created a site on steroids—a full-featured Rich Internet Application tool (RIA) that worked seamlessly within the context of the existing ADI website and CMS

Do it right, and it’s game over.

The tool—Signal Chain Designer (SDC)—is now a game-changing application in the Semiconductor industry. SDC provides an engaging experience for designers where they can select and test design components, optimize choices and determine compatibility with other design parts. SDC lets engineers work individually or as a team, building cost-effective, low-risk signal designs on the fly.

Ayantek continually delivers innovative work product in an efficient manner, enabling ADI’s online presence to excel in a competitive marketplace.

Janelle Oveson, Director of eBusiness Strategy

Analog Devices and Ayantek were awarded the 2013 MITX Innovation Award for ‘Best B2B Innovation’ and a Bronze Horizon Interactive Award in the ‘Corporate & B2B’ category.

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