Many products, many websites, much change

While Haemonetics grew from a $350mm device manufacturer into the world’s largest blood management company, its fragmented digital footprint did not reflect the breadth and depth of the Haemonetics brand and the products and solutions it offered. Rapid evolution of the company with such a disjointed technology platform was putting Haemonetics’ growth plans at risk.


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Our solution: One branded site built for growth

Our first assignment with Haemonetics led to the creation of a three-phase strategic roadmap. Phase one included design of a new, unified site to serve the needs of users worldwide. The second phase would include localizing their site in multiple languages reflecting key markets. The third phase would provide a secure, personalized platform targeting the Plasma customer that allowed for ongoing training and compliance.

The plan was so well received that Haemonetics approved Phase one to develop their new global site. With Haemonetics’ aggressive growth plans, it was critical that the new site seamlessly evolve with the company’s growth. To support this, the site was built using SitecoreTM for high-performance and high-availability. The site resulted in the creation of a centralized Product Database (PDB) for all of their devices, disposables, software, and services across their different divisions and regions.

Phase 1: Unified site design
Phase 2: Localization for key markets of opportunity
Phase 3: Secure, personalized platform

Think expandable. Think easy.

From front-end to back-end, our team worked to design and develop a new site that would expand with the company and allow for continuous change, including an Information Architecture designed for expansion, an easy-to-follow Style Guide, plug-in videos; a technology platform capable of expansion; and a CMS that was easy for content creators to learn and use.

Metrics prove it’s a homerun.

We launched the new global site in 2012, and the results have exceeded expectations: the bounce rate has dropped by a third; page visits are up 59%; average visit times have more than doubled; and actions on the site—form submissions, info requests, support inquiries, site feedback—have more than doubled!


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